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Mobile Responsive Web Design

Are you ready to future proof your website? With the ever increasing popularity of accessing the web on mobile devices, there has been a growing demand for websites to be extremely mobile-friendly. With more than 50% of all website traffic now coming from mobile devices, (a number that will continue to increase) there are many reasons why a mobile friendly website is a must have.

Responsive websites fulfill that demand by displaying different layouts depending on the size of the device. Key features include increased load times and font sizes, to identifying which bits of your website visitors may want to access when they are on the move.

Responsive Websites are here to stay because they adjust to all screen sizes.

So what is Responsive Web Design? Responsive web design is the term for a smart-website that determines the size of the device a user is viewing the site on (this could be a mobile phone, a tablet, a laptop or desktop monitor). Depending on the device, a different layout will be displayed that is geared towards that screen size.

Keep ahead of the trends and build your new site with responsive technology so that you enlarge your target market with a     future-proof, user-friendly website.

What are the benefits of Responsive Websites?

  • Maximize your audience
  • Minimize your bounce-rate:
  • Mobile device users won’t hit the back button to search for a different website if yours is responsive and well-designed.
  • Plan for the future:

Google will soon be downgrading the importance of non-mobile responsive web sites. You could easily find yourself on page 2 or 3 within the next 18 months

Reach out to mobile / tablet users:

Any user visiting the site from any mobile device will view a layout that is specifically designed for their screen size and will find it very easy to use & navigate.

  • The mobile user-experience:
  • For the mobile users it is just so much more easy to use a mobile
  • Responsive web site – thus increasing your chances of business
  • Increase conversion rates:

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