Social Media

Social Media is a fantastic tool that small and medium sized enterprises must use in order to create essentially free awareness about their products or services at the same time as gaining vital and direct customer feedback.

Facebook business pages, LinkedIn profiles & Twitter are the ‘big 3’ social “Must have’s” that you should be aware of.

Social Media allows you to engage with your prospective clients, converse with them and ultimately funnel them over to your website where they will hopefully become your customers. Combining Social Media with a blog on your website and you really have a powerful set of modern marketing tools that cost virtually nothing other than your time to maintain. Also Google will love you for the relevant links and improving your website. Add some relevant Search Engine Optimization (supplied by MEA) and your on the road to success.

MEA Marketing can help you with your Social Media success – from initial setup to an easy to use social marketing plan and training in the best way to use each platform as well as ongoing support.

Pricing and packages are dependent on how many Social Media platforms you want to start using. If you contact us we will happily advise you on what platforms would benefit your organisation the most and provide you will a full quote for our services.

Example – Set up of a Facebook business page

What you get:

  • Registration and setup of the page with your organisations information and contact details
  • Upload your profile image to the correct dimensions (e.g. company logo)
  • Custom designed, fully branded banner image for your timeline header
  • Training on how to use your Facebook business page and tips to engage prospective clients.
  • Training on how to get people ‘liking’ your page, use Facebook on your smart phone and use Facebook with a desktop program.

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